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Value Your Self Worth

Joli NSC

18 March 2015

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Value Your Self Worth

Self worth is how we feel about ourselves.  If we feel like we matter, we’re happy, we’re content, we’re important.


How we feel about ourselves can change at different times and within different situations in our lives.  Some times we can feel elated and at other times we feel glum and irrelevant.


As a business owner it has taken me some time to realise my self worth and that of the company, JOLI, to come to believe in myself and what I’m worth.   These days I’m starting to know and understand and appreciate it more.  I know there are many things I do that are clever and unique.  I hand make natural skin care for a start and tailor products to suit customer needs.  A talented skill set and knowledge that I have acquired over a long period of time.


Every now and then, not often, I’ll receive correspondence from a potential customer who says “$35 is too much to spend on a moisturiser.”  To that I say a couple of things:


  1. What is your self worth? Are you not worth spending $35 on? How much do you value your health and the benefit of chemical free skin care?
  2. What is JOLI worth to you? Do you not think JOLI is worth $35?
  3. You might feel that way because you are not familiar with the products and think JOLI sell the same thing every one else sells.  We don’t.  What JOLI offer is unique product formulations, hand made in small batches for YOU upon order.
  4. JOLI prices are quite comparable and often more affordable than other natural skin care companies.
  5. When you break the prices down to cost-per-use you’ll find our products are remarkably affordable, highly versatile and a little goes a LONG way!


Think about that next time you look over our store and wonder if JOLI is worth investing your health and money in.



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