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We take your feedback seriously

Joli NSC

03 July 2017

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We take your feedback seriously

JOLI are lucky in that very little negative feedback has been received.  We get mostly positive feedback and special requests for product adaptions.  This is how JOLI handle the feedback you give:


1) One customer noted that when they use Enliven Facial & Body Scrub the granules get caught between the nozzle and the flip top lid.  This was making the lid hard to close.  JOLI have been sourcing a better designed lid and will run with a new type of bottle (for Enliven Scrub & Light Moisturiser) when our current stock runs out.


2) Customers sometimes contact JOLI saying they’d like to change their order (add extra products or remove/swap items).  JOLI happily send amended invoices to customers.


3) The original samples of creams JOLI sent were in little clear zip lock satchels. One customer reported that hers had leaked and she found it hard to get the contents out to use.  Samples are now sent in more sturdy, larger sample pots with lids.


4) One customer reporter Purifying Cleansing Toner leaked a little during transit.  This customer was offered a 10% discount on their next order and JOLI changed the way toners are packaged.  They now come with white tape (optionally removable) around the top which has made shipping toners leak free.


5) Now and again a customer will give feedback that they’d like the scent to be stronger or softer.  Notes are made so that next time those customers order, scents are adapted to their preference.


6) One customer put in a personal request for a moisturiser with a special blend of essential oils to help combat anxiety.  Done!


7) One customer reported they’d like the Soothing Salve to be more viscous.  Soothing Salve is now made with a thicker formulation while still being highly spreadable and absorbing into the skin with ease.


8) Other customers might request special scents/flavours such as: blending a moisturiser to smell the same as skin serum.


9) We had a moment when a handful of customers experienced their lip balm lids cracking (our supplier had switch manufacturers on us without notice).  Working with our suppliers JOLI found a sturdy lip balm tube so this cracking no longer occurs.


In short it pays to send your feedback through, positive or otherwise, because JOLI take your feedback very seriously and endeavour to make your purchase and use of JOLI products as enjoyable as possible.


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