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Website Changes, What would you like to see?

Some months ago the website was upgraded and with this upgrade came some unexpected results.


Unlike big companies who pay a whole team to fix these issues, JOLI have little ol’ me to work in IT.  I’m competent and know what I’m doing, yet some issues take a while to remedy, while some cannot be remedied.


Issues that occurred:


At first attributes wouldn’t work.  The next best thing to do was offer personal consultation, except this doesn’t work as efficiently as making your own individual on the spot choices.  Thankfully, attributes are now working again.


Categories disappeared. The only option is to list products in order of price or name, without categories.  Personally, category images make selection easier, whereas words make going through products harder.  Do you agree?  There is no option to remedy this setting.


Recently payments stopped working.  Due to a migration the email set-up was incorrect and needed to be reset by me.  I didn’t know this until a customer placed an order and chose a payment option that wasn’t working.  One customer abandoned cart (ouch!), while others paid via alternate methods.  This issue is now remedied.


Things I like about the new site are:


1) The bright new colours that match the logo colours; chocolate and sunset, the soothing images and the crisp white background.  I like that the colours are vibrant and uplifting, reminiscent of Summer is Australia.  Yet I’m not sure the website is gender neutral??  Your thoughts?


I also like the new categories: Teens, Bath Treats, Bespoke and Opulence range.


2) The colourful buttons so people can better see how to navigate.


3) Blogs are now set up with a heading and snippet instead of a wall of words.


4) Popular products are listed on the Home page.


5) New icons top left hand corner of the website Home page: now include Twitter and Instagram.


What  I would like to know is:


  1. Do you agree with the things I like about the site?
  2. What things do YOU like about the site?
  3. If you could change something(s) about the site what would it be?
  4. Would you prefer to have products listed by name or by price?
  5. Do you like the new images/colour scheme?
  6. Any other suggestions?

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