What is your skin telling you?

Joli NSC

02 September 2019

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What is your skin telling you?

What is your skin telling you?

Feel your skin... is it...



Is it covered it little or big lumps?  Does it feel like brail?  What does the story say?


Bumpy skin is a sign that your skin needs to be exfoliated.  Lumps are a sign that dead skin cells have covered your  pores, oil is building up under this plug and producing bumps.  If these bumps are not removed they can become pimples or pustules which are harder to remove and more noticeable.



Is skin flaking off in bits and pieces?  How noticeable and dramatic is it?


Peeling, flaky skin is a sign your skin is too dry and in need of a good drink!  A creamy moisturiser is needed in this situation.  If left un-cared for you skin could go on flaking and flaking until it looks like it’s literally falling off your face/body (sadly I’ve seen this before).



Do you feel your skin stretch tight if you try to smile or pull an expression?  Does it feel so thin and brittle?


Your skin is more likely to be dehydrated after a shower where the hot water and soapy products will have stripped your skin of it’s natural protective oils.  People have been known to ignore this feeling and just get on with their day, maybe apply some makeup which can hide the feeling of tightness.  Or perhaps the skin starts to produce oil on it’s own to combat the brittleness.  Your skin needs a dose of good nourishing oils and the best product for the job is Skin Serum.



Can you glide your finger tips across your skin?  Do they glide over like roller blades?  Do you have perpetual shine?


This is a good sign in that your skin is producing protective and beneficial oils, however, your skin can also over produce, and this can lead to problem skin.  The solution is to cleanse your skin daily with a nourishing cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its protective oils.  Also a moisturiser made for oily skin is best applied daily to aid in reduction of oil production.

Snake skin?


Does your skin resemble scales?  Is it raspy like sandpaper?  Does is resemble dry, cracked earth?


This is both a sign of dehydration and lack of moisturiser and is most likely to occur on neglected body parts, such as: legs, feet, arms and hands.  When areas are neglected for long periods of time they start to crack and look ancient and weathered – just like dried up water holes.  Even the odd application of a luscious body lotion, once or twice a month, can make all the difference.


what are your concerns?

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