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What Skin Type Are You?

Joli NSC

02 April 2015

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What Skin Type Are You?

Many of us have a pretty good idea of what skin type we are, however, it is hard to self diagnose.  As a trained beautician I can give you some guidance as to what skin type you may be and how best to look after your skin.  In the mean time here is a run down of the different skin types and how they present.


Oily skin: have a gloss or sheen to their skin, have large pores where overactive sebaceous (oil) glands produce a fair amount of oil, are prone to blemishes, breakouts and acne, as well as blackheads.  Tend to have less fine lines and wrinkles – age more slowly.


Dry skin: have a matte complexion and small pores,  may still get the odd pimple or blackhead, tend to get fine lines and wrinkles more easily as the skin is often lacking in oil production, may have dry patches of skin here and there and be prone to a tight feeling on their skin.


Note: sometimes people can mistake dry skin for dehydrated skin which are not the same thing.


Normal skin: is the rarest skin type and appears to be perfect in appearance, rarely gets dry or oily patches, with small pores, though it can still get blemishes and blackheads due to lack of care.  Often this is the least looked after skin type because the perfect complexion leaves the person feeling they don’t need to do much.  However, this can backfire later in life as signs of ageing start to appear.


Combination skin: can be a mix of any of the above such as: an oily forehead with dry cheeks; dry skin with an oily T zone; oily T zone with normal patches, normal skin with dry or sensitive patches; severely dry skin with pimples on chin.  The combinations are many.


Sensitive skin: is more a condition than a skin type and can appear on any of the above skin types; may present with blotchy skin, flushes of red or pink areas, dry red flaky skin patches, itchy or irritated, a burning sensation when products are applied to skin.


Each skin type requires different methods of care with varying products.  Contact JOLI today to find out more about your skin type and how best to look after your skin.

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