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What to expect in your 20s, 30s & 40s & beyond

Joli NSC

12 July 2019

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What to expect in your 20s, 30s & 40s & beyond

S kin changes as you get older and your skin requirements change as well.

How will you navigate these changes and choose the right skin care for your needs?

Skin care in your 20s

For some their 20s means the worse skin of their life.  Some will go blemish free throughout their teens only to end up with blemishes in their 20s, due to stress and other factors.  For others the teens were their worse years and things start to settle down in their 20s.


In either case, if you have not had a decent cleansing routine up til now, the 20’s is the time to start!


Get yourself a cleanser suitable for your skin type and start cleansing daily.  Make sure it’s a gentle cleanser that does not strip your skin of its natural oils. It is recommended that you only cleanse once a day as water also strips skin of natural oils and when your oils are gone your skin is unprotected.


Your 20’s (if you haven’t already been doing so) is the perfect time to start moisturising regularly.  While you might be looking at your skin and seeing only a few wrinkles and thinking you don’t need to moisturise… this is the time to develop the habit of warding off those really prominent lines before they appear.


Remember to protect against the sun as well because you can’t see the damage you’re doing now and by the time you notice it could be too late.

Skin care in your 30s

This is when you’ll start to notice things like crows feet and smile lines.  While forehead and frown lines might be present when you pull facial expressions, they will be minimal when your face is resting, as will decolletage lines.  Hands and legs will be showing signs of neglect if you haven’t been looking after them much.


This is the time to get a bit more serious about your moisturising routine.  Time to bring out the big guns and add products such as Eye Cream and Luscious Body Butter.


You want to fight off those wrinkles while they’re still fine enough to soften and you want to keep your skin hydrated and nourished so it doesn’t dry out.  Remember not to go to bed without cleansing and removing makeup.  Keep your skin fresh and let it breathe.

Skin care in your 40s & beyond

By mid to late 40’s frown lines, forehead lines and decolletage wrinkles will start to become prominent i.e. not go away even when you’re resting and even when you moisturise regularly (even if you’ve moisturised like a trouper like me – since I was 14!).  That being said, if you have moisturised like a trouper you should notice you look younger than those who haven’t.


If you have been neglecting your skin up until now, now is the time to really get serious about your skin care regime and skin care products!  Get the super big guns out: Skin Serum, Decolletage Serum, Rich or Whipped Cream moisturiser…  Seek out those areas that are troubling you the most and target them by applying enriching moisturisers often.


Choosing skin care products that are chemical free is important because the ingredients build up in your system and you want to go into old age as cleanly as possible, yes?


By late 40’s – mid 50’s you’ll start to notice a soft crepe paper look to your skin, most likely your hands, face and base of the neck.  As you age this will become more prominent as the collagen in your skin starts to diminish which is why rich, nourishing moisturisers are so important at this stage, and beyond.


This crepe paper skin will appear in more and more areas on your body and is worse if your skin is dehydrated and not moisturised – so moisturise regularly!

Of the above signs which ones are you noticing?


What other signs are you noticing that I’ve missed?


Let me know by commenting below.


It is important to remember that ageing is a blessing.


Cherish your time on earth and make the most of your life.

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