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What words do you use to describe us?

Joli NSC

01 September 2016


What words do you use to describe us?

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising.  I know I talk to my friends about good and bad experiences all the time!


For example I have recently started seeing a physiotherapist who was recommended to me by a friend.  This physio is by far one of the best health professionals I’ve seen to date and I’d happily recommend her to the world.


This lady is so knowledgeable, not just about how the skeletal and muscular systems work, but also about many things related to womanhood.  The things I’m learning about how my body operates and how nature has designed both the female and male form is amazing.  Such as: in native cultures where the confines of clothing (in particular bras) to hide their nudity is non existent they don’t have conditions like mastitis or trouble with breast feeding.  I love learning!


I also like getting better and knowing how to implement behaviors and strategies into making my body stronger and able to age well in years to come.


This got me thinking about JOLI’s customers and what they’re thinking and feeling about our products and customer service and what they tell their family and friends about us.


So if you’d be so kind I would love you to tell me “What words do you use to describe JOLI” to your friends and family?  Comment on this post or drop us a line because knowing what we’re doing right and where we can improve is important to us 🙂


P.S. those awesome enough to share their views will receive a FREE natural Lip Balm (flavours chosen at random) as a Thank You!

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  • twmbabec says:

    I also thoroughly enjoy learning about such things. I recently watched the documentary “Microbirth”, which is an award-winning documentary about the microbiome, birth and life-long health. It was extremely interesting.

    The words I use to describe Joli is:
    ~ decadent ~ divine ~ personalised ~ professional ~ friendly ~

  • MonicaHalloran says:

    I just recently recommended your products to one of my sisters. My sisters both think I’m a bit of a hippy these days since I started making my own body wash & using a natural deodorant 🙂 so I was surprised when she asked me what moisturiser I use.

    The words I use to describe Joli are luxurious, delicious, soothing and super-helpful!

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