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Why I Love My Customers

Joli NSC

02 May 2018

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Why I Love My Customers

1) I’ve had some great conversations with my customers; via phone, email and in person.


2) I’ve learned some impressive things such as: what types of nuts nut-allergists are allergic to (don’t be envious of my Dr Zuess phrase there) and all manner of other amazing things.  I love learning!


3) They’ve got cool names and live in cool places.


4) They’ve got interesting stories and are fascinating people.


5) Many have grown with me and I’ve grown with them.


For example: in May 2012 JOLI had their Natural Beauty Comp and the winner was baby Josh… who is now 6 years of age (and no doubt still adorable). His mum, Shelly, gave me the idea for to A-Z Soothing Salve post.

6) My customers talk to me about what they’re looking for and what they need.  They ask if I can help and I love that.


7) They give me feedback I can look into and, potentially, develop: depending on if it’s doable and I say so if it isn’t.


8) I get to meet some of them.  Some live locally and I meet them in person, some I meet via email or online, or in social settings.  Some have traveled and we’ve met up.


9) They share my ethos for looking after the environment and animals and have shared resources with me relating to this such as: educational DVDs and books.


10) I know I will continue to grow and learn with them because I’ve learned so much from them throughout the years, and let’s face it, without them there is no JOLI, no growth, no learning.  So thank you xo


Cheers!  Here’s to many happy returns.


P.S. here is little baby Josh 6 years later xo

Do you find other companies offer this type of relationship with their customers?


What good experience have you had?


Feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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