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19 September 2018

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Why salt is good for your skin?

Why salt is good for your skin?

Have you ever been told going for a dip down at the beach helps with blemishes, skin rashes and wounds?  Have you ever wondered why salt water is considered to be beneficial for certain skin conditions such as eczema and breakouts?


Salts are a natural way to ease discomfort, decrease itching, inflammation and redness.  Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) are anti inflammatory with wound healing properties.


Using Bath Salts in your bath is similar to going to the beach except without the pollution and other iffy things there might be floating about in beach water.  Besides some people don’t have access to the beach/salt water and during colder months going to the beach isn’t an ideal option.


If you, or your child/ren, are prone to eczema add 1 tablespoon of bath salts to your bath and allow the salts to do their job of healing your skin and decreasing discomfort.  Continue this daily, or every couple of days, to help aid in the reduction of your skin condition.


If wanting to use salts on your face for treatment of blemishes try adding 1 teaspoon of salts to warm water, allow to dissolve and use this water along with Facial Cleanser as part of your skin care routine.


There are 3 types of natural salts to choose from:

Serenity = made with essential oils to uplift your mood and aid in relaxation

Bliss = made with essential oils to inspire feelings of  beauty and sensuality

Unwind = made with essential oils to ease muscle tension and soreness (recommended for teens and above)


When dealing with problem skin such as eczema, 0ther natural ingredients you can try in your (or children’s’) bath are:

Baking soda (bicarb soda) a natural antiseptic and pH balance

Bath oil, olive oil or coconut oil to help moisturise skin

Oatmeal (or grind up some oats) to soothe irritated skin

Vinegar for its antibacterial properties


NOTE: Use about 1 tablespoon of each ingredient one at a time and note which one(s) help.  When you know which ones help individually you can try combining ingredients for extra benefits.

Stop use of any ingredients that causes discomfort and/or makes the condition worse.

Also make sure the water is temperate because hot water can exacerbate and aggravate skin conditions.

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