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Will you love the product or will it go to waste?

Joli NSC

02 December 2019

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Will you love the product or will it go to waste?

Why people are reluctant purchase?

I’m sitting here with a Cucumber Gel Face Mask on pondering the meaning of life… (jokes).


Actually, I’m pondering the lovely feeling of the refreshing cucumber mask and the reason behind my purchases and feel that many people would be thinking the same thing.


The biggest factor for most of us is: will I love this product?


Will it live up to expectations?


Will I use it all?


What if I don’t like it?


Will it be a wasted?

Will I love this product?

A couple of ways to help you decided are:


Past habits:

Have you used it before and enjoyed it?  Would you use it again?  Have you always wanted to try something like this?


Product reviews:

See what others have to say about the product you’re thinking of purchasing.


Ask questions:

Contact the seller and ask plenty of questions.

Can I trust it will be as good as I expect?

The best way to know is to ask others who already use the products.  Check reviews and see what people are saying on social feeds.


See the products in action and find out how to use them and what ailments they remedy.


Ask for a sample *requires signing up for newsletter.

Will I use it?

Why spend money on something that will only be used once or twice or hardly ever?


Why buy cos lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, eye cream, lip shade, jacket, shoes, dress, (insert any item) if only part will be used and the rest thrown away, it’s hardly ever used or I only use it once?


The honest answer to that is:

You know yourself best.  If you know you’ll hardly ever use eye cream, because, quite frankly, you’ve no desire to do so, that’s fine.


On the other hand if you indulge yourself in luscious baths then you know you’ll use bath products often, especially those you enjoy.

Waste not, want not

If you’ve purchased a product and you don’t love it or find you hardly ever use it here are some tips on how not to waste the product.



Doesn’t have to be a special occasion or completely unused.  So long as the product is still in excellent condition, hardly ever used (i.e. only one or two scoops, drizzles, squirts).  If you know someone who would use and love the product ask them if they’d like it.

Maybe that hair wax you’re using isn’t quite you, maybe it’s suitable for your mates beard?


Find multiple uses for a product:

Such as JOLI’s Massage Oil, a very virsatile product in my opinion.


[Read here to see what I’ve said about this topic before]


  • BODY OIL for use in bath/shower.  Pour a 20-50c amount onto palm, rub palms together and rub onto upper half of your body; chest, arms, torso, back.  Repeat and rub onto lower body; legs, bottom, calves, feet.  Doing this regularly will keep your skin supple and soft and it’s easy because you can do it at the end of your shower.
  • INTIMATE Moments… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you don’t want to use iffy products on your intimate areas.  The skin is thin and close to glands and such.  Using natural products with no harmful ingredients is a much nicer option – plus you get to choose your favourite scent.
  • BABY OIL, all natural, all sweet, all caring.  Choosing a natural massage oil for your baby makes sense.  Their skin is tender and pure.  Don’t pollute it with synthetic ingredients.  I recommend Sleep Well blend for babies and toddlers (and new parents), although you can also go with Spirit Lifting.
  • MASSAGES – goes without saying.  This is the intended use for Massage Oil;
    1) either a masseuse who wants to use natural oil on their customers,
    2) lovers wanting to give each other massages,
    3) for sports therapists who have patients with muscle aches,
    4) for reiki and other holistic practices that require massage oil and lifting or easing of peoples moods.

Waste less

As you can see there are numerous uses for Massage Oil along with many (if not all) of JOLI products.


Worse case scenario you can tip the contents in your compost (products are made with biodegradable ingredients), rinse the container and recycle, or reuse/repurposed.

Such as:


To reuse your massage oil bottle rinse the inside of bottle and lid with alcohol/eucalyptus oil or similar, and wash the outside with hot soapy wet cloth (or with alcohol/eucalyptus oil if need be).  The sticker can also be peeled off and you have add your own.


Refill with a home made body splash, home made perfume – what ever you want.

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