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You Can Afford the JOLI Difference

Joli NSC

13 August 2014

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You Can Afford the JOLI Difference

JOLI are one of the few companies who make their own products from scratch without harmful additives.  We do not purchase bulk ready-made skin care to repackage and sell as our own (aside from the base for Facial Body Wash), nor do we have someone else make the products for us.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not what JOLI do; also we’ve not found any base products that are as natural as we’d like.


JOLI purchased exclusive rights to their product formulations from a US alchemist with 50+ years experience in the natural skin care industry.  There are literately hundreds of formulations to drawn on, yet only a dozen or so of those formulations are currently being used ~ which have been adapted and altered to suit customer needs and desires.


Getting the company started was intensive with years of training, in depth learning about essential oils, blends and medicinal purposes, safety regulations, correct cooking temperatures and amalgamations, insurance and so forth.


When it comes to pricing we’re pretty much on par with other natural skin care companies, and in most cases we’re more affordable.  Prices for natural moisturiser can range from 13-50 ~ our Moisturisers = $35; eye creams 18-58 ~ our Eye Cream = $21.95; serum 24-70 ~ our Serum = $26.55.


The fact that JOLI have our own private formulations without the use of additional toxic or damaging  ingredients, plus our special product adaptions to suit individual needs (at no extra cost) and our loyalty reward system, sets JOLI apart from the others.


Does your current skin care supplier offer You all that?

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