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The 'mini' Home Spa Treatment

Joli NSC

01 August 2016

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The ‘mini’ Home Spa Treatment

We all have those moments where it’s been a long time in between relaxations, a long time since Me Time.


Quite often we don’t have the time or energy to really commit to a good pampering and at times like this it’s easier to put pampering yourself on the back burner.  Yet we all need some quiet pampering time, especially over the colder winter months.


So here’s a good little cheat to have a some pampering time that can be done in around 20 to 30 minutes.


~ Run your bath and light some candles while the water is running, put some relaxing music on. Set the ambiance for that wonderful spa feeling.  Pour yourself a bevy while you wait (be it a wine or green tea) and sip throughout your pamper time.


~ Add wonderful smelling salts / milk and some bubbles to your bath. When your bath is ready, hop in and soak for a while. Let the water soothe your mind and body and cleanse your skin while the scents ease your mind.


~ After you’ve soaked for at least 10 minutes and you’ve let your mind and body relax, it’s time for some pampering. To keep it simple begin with exfoliating your face with an exfoliant glove.  Move in slow small circular motions to keep your mind relaxed.


~ Scrub your body either withe the exfoliant glove, loopha or some body scrub, taking time to work on your arms, decolletage, breasts, belly and especially your legs.  Relax some more and soak your mind and body for a little while longer. Remember to sip your bevy.


~ Wash your hair in your bath.  There is something fundamentally peaceful about your ears being under water, drowning out the sounds of life while moving your hair around in the warm water.  Take as much time as you like pretending you’re alone and the world, for now, is your oyster.


~ Using a pumice scrub your feet.  By this stage you’ve soaked them long enough for the dead skin to be soft and easy to remove.  Pay attention to the heels of your feet and the skin around your toes.


~ As an optional extra rub your body all over with a moisturising scented massage oil.


After this quick and easy pampering you should come out feeling more relaxed and pampered.

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