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The Perfect Extraction

Joli NSC

17 September 2015

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The Perfect Extraction

We often hear the phrase “Don’t pop your pimples” yet many beauty salons offer this procedure.  So if it’s so wrong for you to pop your pimples why is it ok for others to do it?


It’s because of the method involved.  Many people who pop pimples at home do so by going up to a mirror, seeing a pimple or blackhead they wish was gone and squeezing it without doing any preparation to the area.  This can lead to scarring or enlarged pores that get damaged during the process.


If you’re going to pop your pimples (and you will because it’s something many are drawn to do) here is a step by step procedure to follow:

Step 1:

Cleans your face will a gentle cleanser, one that doesn’t strip your natural oils from your skin as this promotes excess sebum production – something you don’t want when dealing with blemishes.  Use moderately hot water during this process to relax skin and open pores.

Step 2:

Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin that are blocking your pores and causing those whiteheads.

Step 3:

Steam your face, either by placing your face over a bowl of boiling water for 5-10mins or by wetting a flannel with hot water (not too hot, you don’t want to burn yourself) and sitting  this flannel on your face for a few minutes.  You want your skin to be supple and relaxed to aid with easy extraction.

Step 4:

Use an extraction tool to gently coax out those blackheads and whiteheads.  Don’t use your fingers as this spreads bacteria from your hands onto your open pores – you DON’T want that.  These tools also do a better job at extracting than fingernails do.  If you don’t have an extraction tool at least cover your fingertips with tissue or cotton gloves.

Use a bright light and also a magnifying mirror so you can clearly see your skin and see if those blemishes are ‘gettable‘ or not.  Sometimes they’re just not ready to come out… yet.

Step 5:

Apply toner to a cotton pad and wipe over the areas where you’ve done extractions to cleanse and antibac the skin.  When you’ve finished all your extractions get another fresh cotton pad, apply toner, and go over your whole face again to refresh and close off those pores.

Step 6:

Finish off with eye cream and a suitable moisturiser.  Applying moisturiser allows you to nourish your skin and replenish hydration which your skin requires after a cleanse.

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