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Lip Balm For Every Occasion


08 October 2015

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Lip Balm For Every Occasion

I am a lip-balmaholic!  I have a collection of Lip Balms in various places around my house and on my person, at the ready for any time I want to apply some luscious sheen and enjoy delectable flavours.

Beside my bed

on the bedside table sits a Cherry Ripe Lip Balm.  This lip balm is used at night time if I hop into bed and feel my lips are dry and don’t want to get up and hunt for a lip balm.  I just reach across, pop the lid off and apply some yummy cherry ripe flavoured lip balm.  It also comes in handy for kissing my husband good night.  He always comments on how nice it tastes.

On the bathroom

bench top beside my basin there is a Lolly Musk Moisturising Lip Balm, in natural tint.  This is my ‘go to’ lip balm, the one I use the most.  I apply it after brushing my teeth as I get ready for the day.  It keeps my lips moisturised for hours and the lolly musk is one of my favourite flavours.  Although there are plenty of delectable flavours to choose from.

In my purse

… I have two lip products;


1. My ruby tinted Moisturising Lip Balm.  It’s very much like a red lip stick with a creamy texture with long lasting moisturising properties (and without all the nasty additives of lipstick!).  This one is applied if I’ve left the house and need a lip balm and if I need some colour on my lips, such as before going on a date with my husband, or out with the girls.


2. My Berry Smooch Lip Gloss is there for when I need a quick fix and some luscious lip shimmer.  It also comes in handy when travelling with children and their lips are dry.  They can’t use my ruby tinted lip balm so I offer them the lip gloss since it comes out clear on the lips, moisturises well and tastes delicious.


Which lip product and flavour is your favourite?

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